Glossary of Play

The PaperTalker™

Our nickname for The Hinge. The role of the hand in communication is crucial. The gesturing hand gave us speech and language. We have the capacity for conversation and can read and write our language because of the hand. Play Media and Language allow us to tap into the evolutionary science of that organic pathway.

Play Media

Play-based mass media that, while not directly electronic, constitutes a duplicatable system capable of advancing a visual-emotive process and language

Play Tectonics™

A play on the term “Plate Tectonics,” which refers to the moving plates underlying the continental landmasses. Play Tectonics is movement that is fueled and guided by a planetary life force capable of moving Education out of The Education Factory and into The Learning Habitat.

Puppetools (Play Language)

Puppetools (pup' it tulz') n. 1. Of or pertaining to any handheld puppet-like image or symbol made of paper or similar sheet material. 2. A publishing tool, media, utility, or system that enables printed images or symbols to appear or function in puppet-like form in non-theatrical contexts such as books and digital media. 3. A symbolic language of symbols and images used to facilitate interactive learning and communication. 4. Behavior. A puppet-like device used to stimulate, alter, or facilitate integrated brain activity. 5. A trademark for a patented publishing utility and associated process

Play Principle

Communicative puppet art incorporates projected play—meaning play, unlike sport, that elicits spontaneity, surprise, and insight. Playfulness in this sense is perhaps the most important refinement of brain evolution—the soil in which great inventors and scientists establish their work. Play in this sense fosters relatedness and connectivity, especially in the young.


The Hand (inside the puppet)  

The brain bears stages of 400 million years of trial and error, traceable by fossils, molecular homology in nearly unbroken sequence, from fish to amphibian to reptile to primitive mammal to our immediate primate forerunners. In the final step the brain was catapulted [Frank A. Wilson,(author of The Hand: How its Use Shapes the Brain, Language, and Human Culture) would say “lifted by the hand; like a crane, the hand, and no other prime mover, brought the brain] to a radically new level equipped for language and culture.”

Learning Habitat

Properly aligned, in practice and principle, with the basic drive to learn in all living things, learning takes on a life of its own, an organic, dynamic, fully engaged state of mindfulness.

The Triune Brain

The brain controls life functions and physical movement related to survival. The Triune Brain has three intra-connected spheres.

Out of The Education Factory & Into The Learning Habitat

Moving Education Forward on the Power of Play

Changing the face of education.

Infusing Play into Communication within the Classroom

This Changes Everything. Using Play & Paper to transform behavior, communication, and knowledge is evident upon practice. 


Play that is largely unadulterated and uninhibited, and can be consciously, unconsciously, or semi-consciously engaged. Play that is fragile, spontaneous and responsive, involving reciprocal patterns of movement, action, thought, or communication, and is often accompanied by silliness, surprise, humor, or fun. This order of play depends on a degree of feeling free and safe, and may or may not become subject to the more controlled and organized aspects of play associated with competition, electronic games, directed role-playing, formal theater, and the like. Play of this purest nature, if sustained, tends to grow more robust and influence a given space to become more productive, civilized, empowered and engaged.

Play Energy

A form of energy that fuels learning behavior, guiding human exploration and discovery from the inside out, and which is conducted on a wavelength to which the young are innately tuned.

An Earthly force of nature that travels on a wavelength in which kids are already tuned to. 

Play Language

See Puppetools definition up top) 

Puppets are like Flowers

They attract kids in the same way flowers attract insects with color and movement designed and crafted of Mother Nature.

Thanks for your time, 

Jeff Peyton & the Play Tectonics Team