Teachers at Play, a Classroom Quiet as a Mouse

Note: Teachers at Play is a series showcasing actual teachers’ solutions to classroom challenges. Some of these first hand accounts come from archived journal entries made after attending a Puppetools workshop. A Classroom Quiet as a Mouse

I have three boys who love to fight playfully and enjoy the dirt and the mud. They found it hard to believe that Mandy (a mouse) was not interested in such activity. They listened carefully as she talked to them and told about herself. She said that she needed a quiet atmosphere and I couldn't believe how intently and silently everyone worked. They would look at Mandy often to see that she was still watching them.​ -Carol R., Kindergarten

Meet Mandy the Mouse with our newest Play Member Stephanie Power! Experiment with the power of puppets in your classroom by creating a character (like Mandy the Mouse) that is drawn toward the behavior you are trying to encourage & who can make an appearance or hide from the noise when you need the classroom to quiet down! Interested in making a Papertalker puppet? Watching this short how-to tutorial & downloading our complementary mouse puppet template, making a puppet is easy as 123!

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