SEL Development, Part 3: Play Requires Strong Leadership

We previously posted in Play Starts with Adults about the report released on March 12th by the Aspen Institute called The Practice Base For How We Learn: Supporting Students’ Social, Emotional, and Academic Development.

In this five part series, we look at each section of the report, and show how Play-Based Communication is the natural solution to the problems presented. Premise 3) Embedding Play requires strong leadership

The third section begins calling for schools and school districts to have a clear vision, mission, and strategic plan for integrating Social Emotional Learning throughout preK-12 education. The report recognizes:

Strengthening the collective investment in the district’s vision and values involves collaboration by school board members, administrators, teachers, parents, partner organizations, and community members.

The report also emphasizes the importance of support on the state level, with some states integrating SEL into their vision and mission, while others are already providing actual funding and incorporating standards for district and school improvement plans.

There is a long way to go before we see the total transformation of the learning culture that will be required to incorporate SEL/Play into all schools for all students. But we acknowledge the promising start. The very fact that there are Play and SEL advocates, as evidenced by trending hashtags such as #Playmatters and #SEL, indicate there is growing energy to see real substantive change. It is a long time vision of our founder, Jeff Peyton. Jeff started a petition several years ago, and we hope you sign on to it below.

Go to your school board meetings, your county supervisor meetings, your town and city council meetings. Write your congressional representatives and support candidates who are willing to stand behind the idea of incorporating SEL/Play into every school.

Lately we have seen how political movements can be invigorated overnight by people who have “had enough”. Let the young leaders of today be an inspiration, and together, for their sake,let’s work to transform the education factory into a true learning habitat by holding our elected officials accountable and growing a new culture right under their feet. We hope you will read and consider signing this petition for adopting an American Declaration and Education Bill of Rights. Next up — SEL Development Part 4:Embedding Play Develops SEL Competencies

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