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We’re back! Our fresh Fall restart is underway. The Summer Blog Break allowed us time to create two offerings which we are proud to introduce: The Puppetools Basics Class and the Puppetools Activity Kit. Both products were close to completion as we prepared for our 2nd year at the RVA MakerFest on October 6.

Puppetools Basics is our introductory, low-cost, easy access to the magic of Play Language. We walk you through making the Paper Talker Hinge mechanism, and Paper Talker puppet construction, and provide you with teacher journals, which are filled with rich detail and insights about their entry into play-based learning and communication. An abundant collection of starter patterns is also included.

The Puppetools Activity Kit is a convenient box of supplies to begin puppet design and construction, plus a ‘My Puppet’ profile creator for use with your puppets that lead you into those communication moments and experiences that are the true gift of Play Language. Both Puppetools Basics and The Activity Kit together make a terrific gift for kids, parents, and teachers. You can purchase both the Puppetools Basics Class and the Puppetools Activity Kit at PlayTectonics.org/puppetools. Order them together and receive frees shipping.

Summer also brought picture postcards sent by our designer in chief Emily Hall who traveled to the Czech Republic and beyond, working with her sister Laura to bring Puppetools to teachers and school children in Prague.

RVAMakerFest provided the deadline and growth spurt we needed to create products, and to fine tune our messaging to parents and educators: Public school teachers, kids, families and schools are under enormous stress -- economic, political, and spiritual -- and the adoption of Play, in principle and practice, offers a strategic way to defend against pressures that drain the love for learning and teaching that our learning culture should be immersed in.

Our participation at MakerFest 2018 was made possible by the great friends and volunteers who showed up to help our booth serve kids and parents: Thanks to student Takiyah Seay who joined us as artist-on-site, demonstrating her talent and expertise with paper craft and sculpture; to Nicole Colon, Melana LoPrete, Quianday Worthington, Zach and Joseph Peyton, Megan Byrd, and Julia Neustadt.

We are also excited to be working on a new offering: Maker Space. Maker Space is an online class that will focus on the paper craft aspect of Puppetools. Puppetools fits perfectly into the rapidly spreading maker movement. We bring the artisan spirit of active learning-through-doing into the hands of children and adults, creating a social environment with an emotional connection to information. Our patented universal Play Language is transmitted through an informal, peer-led network, with shared learning motivated by fun and self-fulfillment.As recognition of the importance of Design Thinking grows across our educational space, more schools and libraries are interested in starting their own makerspace. And while technology can certainly be part of a maker experience, the principles of authenticity and upcycling are not limited to expensive technological equipment such as 3D printers, laser cutters, and Arduinos. Using the tradition of paper craft coupled with geometric construction methods inspired by Pythagoras, Maker Space participants learn to build creative communication tools of their own design.

Look for the Maker Space class in Winter of 2019.

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