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Pathway to Play: Moving Education Forward

Welcome friends, to the Pathway to Play™ a new Blog spotlighting Play & Communication, a formula that’s transforming the space we call ‘the classroom’. Through Play, kids lead the way into an active, enriched dialog. Together, with parents and educators, we have the power to advance Play into the learning culture in order to re-align the world of learning to the world of children. The power to move education forward is through curriculums designed around The Power of Play.

While I've been doing this for 40 years, this is about much more than me. I've been fortunate to gravitate towards energized people who are passionate about transforming the learning culture. We are a growing team of educators, artists, engineers, and scientists located in the Richmond, VA area under the collective Play Tectonics. Our mission is focused on community outreach for creating collaborative teaching networks that believe in a more holistic education model in our cities and towns. Play Tectonics teaching tools have been enriching education within a global network of educators for over 40 years. As we continue to expand this mission through this blog, Pathway to Play™, we continue to work within the grassroots efforts of our home city in Richmond, VA.

Join us in Blazin' New Trails for Education. Contribute to our collaborative mission in providing resources and support for community engagement and transformative learning across the USA and beyond!

- Jeff Peyton, Founder

Learn how you can be part of a transformative movement in education! Follow our blog and subscribe to our mailing list. Follow us on Twitter. Like our Facebook page!If you would like to reach out, email us here.

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