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The power to move education forward is through curriculums designed around The Power of Play. Through Play, kids lead the way into an active, enriched dialog.


Together, with parents and educators, we have the power to advance Play into the learning culture in order to re-align the world of learning with the world of children.


DONATE and become a supporter of Play in education!

Your $25 gift welcomes you into our mission and allows us to begin compensating volunteer educators for our volunteer workshops, which provides our cause greater traction in a shorter amount of time. You also receive a limited edition of our laser-cut wooden "mission medallion' designed with magnetic fastener by one of our people.




Play Tectonics has 40 years of research & development invested and now must become viable and self-sustaining, not just for us but for the thousands or even millions of members who need to self-sustain and advance a new learning culture to benefit the common good. We do this with small, medium or large investments and contributions made by people who know that there is no choice but to either engage or lose our future. Community members cannot do the job alone.


Businesses can actively support Play Tectonics. To that point, we have drafted a sliding scale for contributions. Credit Cards & Contribution Options from $5 and Up!

Join us in Blazin' New Trails for Education by providing resources and supporting Play in both community engagement and transformative learning across the United States and beyond!

-Jeff Peyton


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