We believe...

That Public Education is the cornerstone of a strong, engaged democracy or representative republic.


That Play is a state of learning that reaches across and enriches the full spectrum of childhood development.


That Play can promote Teacher Talent and Well Being and Satisfaction


That Play-Infused Learning can promote national Economic power leading to higher productivity and greater innovation as well as increased public respect for teachers and their earning capacity.


That play propelled Culture Transformation is urgently needed and should drive all movement in Education


That Education should begin with and follow kids, and be guided by Play. Play is an Organizing Principle that our Learning Culture should be founded on.


That the learning culture--schools, classrooms, and children’s minds--should be declared Protected Space.


In the age of Media, we believe kids need to develop ‘media literacy,’ and be exposed to  the ‘civilizing Influences’ of Play; that kids should develop life-skills In problem-solving, a hunger to make the world better, the building of self-confidence, voice, and the ability to think creatively and for themselves.  


We believe that parents should have primary control of their child’s school w/ help from community members.


We believe that Education should follow the Physician’s Oath:  First do no harm.

We believe that Education starts with Play. You can’t argue with Play.

We believe, like the American Academy of Pediatrics, that Play is a birthright.

We believe that a free and unadulterated learning culture is a civil right under the Constitution.

Thanks for your time, 

Jeff Peyton & the Play Tectonics Team